Clarkson Fire Department

Clarkson Fire Department

Bonnie HendersonAndy Cain
Fire Chief
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Clarkson Fire & Rescue
204 First Street
PO Box 15
Clarkson, KY 42726
Phone: 270-242-3017
Fax: 270-242-3017
For Emergencies call 911
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The mission of Clarkson Fire and Rescue (known here after as CFR) is to save lives, protect property, to protect the citizens of the city of Clarkson, and the citizens of the Clarkson Fire District. To assist other communities in our county, state, and country when called on in their times of need.

Clarkson Fire and Rescue department will respond to all rescue and recovery calls. The members of the department shall respond to the following accidents and emergencies:

1. Motor vehicle accidents with or without patient extraction
2. Structural fires, residential or commercial
3. Motor vehicle fires
4. Wild land urban interface fires
5. Farm rescue
6. Water based rescues
7. Vertical rope rescues
8. Search and rescue (lost persons)
9. Cave rescues
10. Hazardous materials
11. Medical emergencies
12. Building collapse
13. Debris removal
14. Aircraft emergencies
15. Natural or WMD disasters
16. Helicopter landing zones
17. Land clearing (controlled burning)

Clarkson Fire and Rescue will respond to these types of emergencies for which they have been trained for and are sure to accomplish safely. There is an SOG (Standard Operating Guidline) for most of these incidents mentioned above; persons should use the SOG as a reference for better incident management. Remember all incidents are different, never limit yourself into a one way in, one way out situation. Always keep your options open.